Nortel 5555 Winward Park West,1-389Phone: 770-661-5000Fax: 770-661-4794Own SwitchingPlatform: noNorth American Telephone412 E. Madison St., Suite 1207,Tampa, FL 33602Phone: 813-272-7000Fax: 813-224-9111Contact: Camille Hiller, executiveassistant Parent Company:FunJunction USA, Tampa, FLLong Distance Carrier: AT&T,WorldCom, GTE Own SwitchingPlatform: yes CompanyDescription: card printer, servicebureau,

Nortel 5555 Winward Park West,


Phone: 770-661-5000

Fax: 770-661-4794

Own Switching

Platform: no

North American Telephone

412 E. Madison St., Suite 1207,

Tampa, FL 33602

Phone: 813-272-7000

Fax: 813-224-9111

Contact: Camille Hiller, executive

assistant Parent Company:

FunJunction USA, Tampa, FL

Long Distance Carrier: AT&T,


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