Grapevine Telecards 751 Bridgeway, 415-331-1298Fax: 415-331-9259Contact: Edward Duniven, VP, salesLong Distance Carrier:AT&T, LDDS, Cable & WirelessOwn Switching Platform: noCompany Description: reseller,service bureau, card issuer,switchless card issuerGraphic Technology Inc.301 Gardner Drive,New Century, KS 66031Phone: 913-764-5550Fax: 913-764-0320Contact: Deb Trout, manager,inside sales Long DistanceCarrier:

Grapevine Telecards 751 Bridgeway,


Fax: 415-331-9259

Contact: Edward Duniven, VP, sales

Long Distance Carrier:

AT&T, LDDS, Cable & Wireless

Own Switching Platform: no

Company Description: reseller,

service bureau, card issuer,

switchless card issuer

Graphic Technology Inc.

301 Gardner Drive,

New Century, KS 66031

Phone: 913-764-5550


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