Single bottles of beer are merchandised in a massive 40foot section of the wall at Jungle Jimrsquos Cincinnati store Photo courtesy of Jungle Jimrsquos

Single bottles of beer are merchandised in a massive 40-foot section of the wall at Jungle Jim’s Cincinnati store. Photo courtesy of Jungle Jim’s

New Merchandising Strategies Help Beer Sales

Individually priced bottles and mix-and-match displays give retailers a novel way to generate trial and incremental sales in the beer category

From American lagers to Belgian ales to limited-release seasonals, a dizzying number of new brews regularly hits store shelves. So it’s easy to see why beer lovers may have a hard time choosing which six-pack is right for them.

Jungle Jim’s, Trader Joe’s, Piggly Wiggly, Best Yet Market and an increasing number of other food retailers have addressed the situation by offering individually priced and mix-and-match as

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