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Eating produce gets more convenient

Manufacturers participating in United Fresh 2014 in Chicago are displaying the different ways they’re making it easy for consumers to eat their favorite fruits and veggies.

Peeling and slicing was only the beginning. Del Monte has individually wrapped pineapple and watermelon spears. The watermelon is even seeded! Five 2.7 oz. spears come in each container.

For smoothie fans, PRO*ACT has packaged together the basic ingredients for a kale smoothie. Kale Blast has kale, apples, beets, celery and cucumber. And it’s all organic, too. Getting the blender out of its hiding place in the cupboard could take more time than making a smoothie with this convenient pack.

And produce seems to be coming the newest snack craze. A couple of manufacturers are marketing vegetables as snacks. Canadian company Pure Hot House Foods has a value-added product it calls “The Snacking Series.” Packages contain red, orange and yellow cherry tomatoes in collections called Juno, Azuca, Sangria, Oriana and Bumbles (the yellow cherry tomatoes).

For the more mature snacker, Pearls olives have introduced individually packaged, brineless olives. They come in the varieties of black (pitted and sliced), pimento stuffed green and Kalamata.

With products like these, manufacturers are taking all the effort out of adding more produce to your diet. All that’s left for the consumer to do is to chew and swallow!

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