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SN Poll Results: Optimizing Trade Promotions

SN Poll Results: Optimizing Trade Promotions

In a recent SN poll, 65% of respondents said they are trying to optimize trade promotions and merchandising through collaboration with suppliers and data-driven analysis. Almost a quarter of respondents — 24% — said "No," and 12% said this was under consideration/development.

In the Dec. 3 article "Retailers, Manufacturers Collaborate on Trade Deals," Technology Editor Michael Garry wrote about how Haggen and other retailers are collaborating with trading partners on mutually rewarding promotional and merchandising initiatives.

"Haggen’s decision to closely collaborate with its suppliers on a major rebranding of its stores was prompted by fierce price competition, outdated stores and a struggling sales picture, and abetted by its sale last year to private equity firm The Convest Group, West Palm Beach, Fla.," according to the article.

"But it is also an example of how a retailer and its suppliers can work together on fundamental promotional and merchandising decisions that result in a mutually beneficial and sustainable outcome." Read the article for more about these collaborations.

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