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'Target Practice' Gains Top Views

Last week, readers were most interested in 'Target Practice,' an in-depth look at how Target is set to impact Canadian retailers. Stories about Coca-Cola Co., Raley's and recovery from Hurricane Sandy also garnered the highest page views. A photo gallery showing the superstorm's effect on retailers' stock rounded out the top five.

1. Target Practice: Canadian food retailers brace for invasion of Target, Wal-Mart supercenters
Maybe there’s never a good time to face a massive influx of new supercenters, but it won’t stop retailers in Canada from asking, Did it have to be now?
2. Coca-Cola Co. Creates Shopper Marketing Solutions in Innovation Center
ATLANTA ­— Coca-Cola Co. takes the retailer-supplier relationship to a new level with its Shopper Experience Innovation Center (SEIC) here, where it tests cross-category and category-driving marketing strategies.
3. Raley's Struck by UFCW
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Two Northern California locals of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union said Sunday they have called a strike against Raley's Supermarkets, West Sacramento.
4. Industry Staggers Back From Battle With Storm
Supermarkets in the storm-ravaged Northeastern U.S. crept slowly back to life in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many fueled by generator power and operating with skeleton crews to provide what service they could to their devastated communities.
5. Mixed Bag: Sandy in Supermarkets [Photo Gallery]
In New York, some retailers had stock wiped out by customers preparing for superstorm Sandy, while others still had plenty for sale as of Monday afternoon. Some retailers were closed Monday. SN writers report on their neighborhood stores.


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