4C Foods Corp. S3034077Agricultural & FisheryMarketing Corp. S2119Alimentos Pro/Tropeak S1078Alliante Coffee Roasters S2826American Comfort Foods S3920American Fine Food Corp. S1779American Roland Food Corp. S1370AmeriFood Snacks/Anderson BakingS2939Amy's Kitchen S1776Anchor Food Products S3414Angostura International S3127Anheuser-Busch S2054ANTAD S2807Archway Cookies S2900Argentine Consulate S2277Arizona

4C Foods Corp. S3034


Agricultural & Fishery

Marketing Corp. S2119

Alimentos Pro/Tropeak S1078

Alliante Coffee Roasters S2826

American Comfort Foods S3920

American Fine Food Corp. S1779

American Roland Food Corp. S1370

AmeriFood Snacks/

Anderson BakingS2939

Amy's Kitchen S1776

Anchor Food Products S3414

Angostura International S3127

Anheuser-Busch S2054


Archway Cookies S2900

Argentine Consulate S2277

Arizona Beverages S140

Assistance and Services for

Agricultural MarketingS2807

Association of

the Confectionery

Industry S3418

Aunt Jemima-Frozen S1270

Bake-Line Products S2727

Barber Foods S3213

Bauli Spa S3418

Baumer Foods S2934

Bertolli USA S854

Bestfoods S1434

Bestfoods Baking Co. S1434

Bestfoods Foodservice S1434

Bestfoods Specialty Products S1434

Beverage House S3442

Beverage Source Worldwide S1378

Bil Mar Foods S206

Blue Diamond Growers S2737

Borden Foods Corp. S417

Boston Beer Co. S134

Brach and Brock Confections S3421

Bridgford Foods Corp. S3144

Brokers Choice S2077

Brothers Gourmet Coffees S1360

Bruce Foods Corp. S3130

Buckeye Pretzel Co. S2919

Caffe D'Vita/Brad Barry Co. S1244

CAL Intertrade Co. S1279

Campbell Soup Co. S2047

Canadian Consulate General S2241

Canadian Food

Exporters Association S3848

Cape Cod Potato Chips S136

Carr & Day & Martin S3641

Cayman Islands Rum

Cake CenterS1176

CBH International S3742

Celeste S1270

Cemac Foods Corp. S2975

Cento Fine Foods S2740

Cerveceria Modelo,

S.A. de C.V. S2807

Chattanooga Bakery S2981

Cherry Central S3064

Chunghak Foods &

Cold Storage Co. S2119

Churchs Chicken S3180

CIA Arrocera

Covadonga, S.A.

De C.V./G.P. MillsS2807

Classic Imports S3949

Clement Pappas & Co. S3030

Cliffstar Corp. S2716

Coca-Cola USA S806

Commercial Bakeries Corp. S3028

Conservas La Costena,

S.A. De C.V.S2807

Consulate General of Brazil S3744

Continental Mills S2316

Coors Brewing Co. S2677

Covent Garden S3915

Culinar Canada S2881

Curtice-Burns Foods S3243

Daily's Juice Products S3923

De Boer Food Importers S2077

Dean Foods Co. S1354

Del Monte Foods S1306

Dole Food Co. S223

Dole Packaged Foods S223

Dorval Trading Co.S2077

Dr Pepper/Seven Up S429

E. & J. Gallo Winery S3210

Eight O'Clock Coffee S2624

Embasa Foods S2807

Epifine North America S2077

Essex Exports S3917

Euro Champion Products S3955

Eurobubblies S363

Everson Spice Co. S878

Farming Association

Kang Won Nong San S2119

Favorite Brands International S458

Filippo Berrio Olive Oil S875

Fort James Corp. S3234

Frito-Lay S838

Frontier Natural Product S263

Frugosa, S.A. De C.V. S2807

Fundacion Export AR S2277

Galaxy Foods/Soyco Foods S3361

Gallo Salame S206

Garden Life, S.A. S2277

Garden State Farms S2559

Gelco SRL S3418

General Mills S865

GFA Brands/Silver Palate S354

Glami Co. S2119

Global Beverage Co. S3119

Glory Foods S3544

Gold Star S3859

Golden Natural Food S2119

Golden Valley

Microwave Food S1877

Gorton's Seafood S854

Gourmet Award Foods S2441

Goya Foods S104

Grandma Maud's Down

Home Cookin' S2743

Granny Goose Foods S3561

Green Giant Co. S1506

Green Mountain

Coffee Roasters S171

Green Zone Farm S2119

Guiltless Gourmet S2734

Hampton Farms S3362

Hamsons S1175

Harmony Brook S3319

Heineken USA S2312

Heinz USA S240

Hortex Holding, Foreign

Trade Division in WarsawS3642

Husman Snack Foods S3243

IDV North America S1506

IGA S2843

Impulsora Importaciones

y ExportacionesS2807

Instant Products of America S2820

Integrated Brands S1470

Interbake Foods S3024

International Baking Co. S206

International Maple

Leaf Springs S2241

Iowa Department of

Economic Development S357

Ipjang Milal Farmer's

Association S2119

Italian Trade Commission S3418

J&J Snack Foods Corp. S676

Jasper Foods S2830

JFC International S1676

John B. Sanfilippo & Son S1347

Jorge D.J. Descalzo S2277

Jugos Del Valle, S.A. De C.V. S2807

Kashi Co. S465

Keebler Foods Co. S3247

Kellogg Co. S470

King Cotton Foods S206

Kohyang Food Co. S2119

Korea Agricultural Trade

and Information S2119

Korea Agricultural Trade

and Information Center of

New YorkS2119

Korea T. & Ginseng Corp. S2119

Korea United Pharm S2119

Korean Ginseng Products Co. S2119

Kraft Foods International S1426

Kyung-Buk Apple Growers' Ag S2119

La Cena Fine Foods S970

La Giulia Spa S3418

La Paila S2277

Lance S2447

Land O'Lakes S1241

Leahy Orchards S128

Lee Valley Foods S2241

Legacy Brands S1670

Lightlife Foods S2666

Linsey FoodsS2959

Lipton S854

Loretta Foods S2976

Los Pericos Food Products S356

Luban International S1643

Maina Panettoni SPA S3418

MANA Tobacco Co. S3825

Manna Pro Corp. S3177

Mars - Effem Argentina S423

Mars - Effem Foods S423

Mars - Effem Mexico Y

Compania, S.EN N.C.S423

Mars - Effem Produtos

Alimenticios & CiaS423

Mars - Kal Kan Foods S423

Mars - M&M/MARS S423

Mars - Master Foods

International S423

Mars - Uncle Ben's S423

Maspex S978

Matkama Foods S2119

Maurice Lenell Cooky Co. S2834

McCormick/Schilling Division S826

McIlhenny Co. S1847

McKee Foods Corp. S229

Medallion Quality Foods S3817

Meridian Beverage Co. S2879

Merit Food Products Co. S1279

Mesa Food Products S979

Michele Foods S350

Miller Brewing Co. S816

Mission Foods Corp. S2847

Monster Cone S2241

Monty & Totco Co. S1279

Morningstar Foods S373

Morton Salt Co. - Morton

International S1816

Mother's Cake & Cookie Co. S3376

Mountain Valley Spring Co. S3461

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. S1340

Multifoods S2241

Nabisco S1654

Napa Valley Kitchens S1171

National Agricultural

Cooperative FederationS2119

National Association for

Specialty Food TradeS3643

Natural Glacier S2241

Naturally Fresh/Eastern Foods S3276

Nature's Path S3176


Neptunus S2077

Nestle USA S234

Netherlands Ministry

of Agriculture S2077

Norstar Foods S2241

Northern Falls Water Co. S2926

Nutrifaster S2861

Oak State Products S1076

Ocean Spray Cranberries S1443

Osem USA S265

Ozark Salad S206

Pacific Western Brewing S2241

Packaged Ice S1679

Panissimo USA S2600

Paragon Trade Brands S2828

Paris Gourmet S2241

Parmalat Bakery Division S2922

Pastene Co. S3849

Pepsi-Cola Co. S844

Perfetti Spa S3418

Pet Ritz Desserts S1270

Pillsbury - Bakeries &

Foodservice S1506

Portion Pac S240

PowerBar S2116

Pubbli Euro Press SRL S3418

Purity Foods S3458

Puyo Farmer's

Association S2119

Q.E. Teas S871

Ralston Purina Co. S2647

Reggio's PizzaS1178

Ripensa A/S S2644

Robert & James S1481

Roberts Brothers S3857

Robust International S3861

Rosina Food Products S261

Russell Stover Candies S108

Sabormex, S.A. de C.V. S2807

Samjin America S2119

Sampyo Foods Co. S2119

San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. S3449

Sara Lee Corp. S206

Seitz Foods S206

Shoda Corp. USA S3078

Siam Preserved Foods Co. S1279

Signature Foods S3913

Slush Puppie-Stoelting S668

Smucker Quality Beverages S973

Snyder's of Berlin S3243

Snyder's of Hanover S2634

Soofer Co./dba Sadaf Foods S1377

South Beach Beverages S2839

Southern Roasted Nuts of GA S2819

St. Dalfour et Cie S1243

Starko S3330

State Fair Foods S206

SULA' GmbH & Co. Kg S3418

Sun and Earth Products/McWolf Ent. S3558

Sus Scrofa S2241

Tapatio Hot Sauce S3644

Tennessee Mountain Pure Dist. S1678

Tetley USA S3718

Thailand Department of Export Promotion S1279

Thalia Food S774

The Earthgrains Co. S1854

The Foreign Candy Co. S106

The J.M. Smucker Co. S2606

The Matterhorn Co. S1775

The Milnot Co. S3044

The Pillsbury Co. S1506

The Quaker Oats Co.-FoodsS1247

The Quaker Oats Co.-Gatorade S154

The Rockland Corp. (TRC) S3843

The Spice Hunter S1376

The Stroh Brewery Co. S2321

The UnHoley Bagel/SJR Foods S3140

The Vegetarian Resource Group S3328

Thomas Foods S3178

Tilda Marketing S352

Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips S3243

Tipp Distributors S2807

Tony's Pizza Service S1126

Totino's S1506

Tri Valley Growers/S&W S2612

Triarc Beverage Group S2306

Tropicana North America S2041

Truesoups S1181

Union Camp Corp. S3919

Van de Kamp's S1270

VEETEE Rice Limited S3179

VeggieLand, Formerly New

York's Famous Veggie BurgersS3080

Venturetec Marketing Co. S1279

Victoria Vogue S3847

Vitasoy USA S1476

Vogel Popcorn S1877

Walkers Shortbread S3323

Walton & Post S1773

Weight Watchers

Gourmet Food Co. S240

West Texas Food Team S1581

Williams Foods S3079

World's Finest Chocolate S3659

Wyandot S2630

Yankee Polish Luth GmbH&Co. S3541

Yves Veggie Cuisine S3266

Zaini Luigi SPA S3418

Note: Due to last-minute changes, in some instances additional booth numbers were created from adjacent spaces.