1-800-DATABASE N6303N5938ACNielsen N5325ACR Systems N6207ActMedia N5530Advanced PromotionTechnologies N5575ADVO N4366American Express N4774Ameritech S3478ANTAD (Mexican Pavilion) S870AP Adsend N6623Architectonics N6647Arnold Ward Studios N4266Arrow Art Finishers N4850Arrow Corp. N6629AT&T Wireless Services S2878AutoGas Systems N6425Axiohm N6141B&M Processing Co. N4950B-O-F Corp. N5030BACG N4111BASS

1-800-DATABASE N6303


ACNielsen N5325

ACR Systems N6207

ActMedia N5530

Advanced Promotion

Technologies N5575

ADVO N4366

American Express N4774

Ameritech S3478

ANTAD (Mexican Pavilion) S870

AP Adsend N6623

Architectonics N6647

Arnold Ward Studios N4266

Arrow Art Finishers N4850

Arrow Corp. N6629

AT&T Wireless Services S2878

AutoGas Systems N6425

Axiohm N6141

B&M Processing Co. N4950

B-O-F Corp. N5030

BACG N4111

BASS N4454

Bemiss-Jason Corp. N4962

Borroughs Corp. N4766

Cahner's Publishing Co. N6642

Capitol Manufacturing. Co. N6612

Carlson Retail Marketing Co. N5053

Carolina Reclamation Service N6531

Cart Masters N6301

CAS Corp. N4032

Catalina Marketing Corp. N5505

CFDATA Corp. N5660

Checkpoint Sys. N5373

Christian Salvesen Inc. N4835

Coach Master International N4169

Coinstar S2222

Composite Technologies Corp. N4162

Compucook N4748

Comshare N5569

Connect3 N6337

Consumer Card Marketing N4974

Cookshack N5857

Cox Direct N6218

Cryovac N4530

CS Systems N6518

DCI Cardmarketing N4657

Dialogue Marketing N5845

Easy Access S2939

Edison Electric Institute N6359

efficient market services N5553

Electric Foodservice Council N6307

Exact Equipment Corp. N4354

The Facility Group N4944

Field Marketing Services Assoc. N6240

FMS N4848

Food Plant Engineering N5563

Futura 2000 Corp. N6237

Gelco Information Network N6519

Gemplus N6637

Genesis Creative Group N6534

Global Card Services N4175

Good Neighbor Direct N4747

Grocery Marketing/

Equipment/Dist. S2616

Hardt Equipment

Manufacturing N5866

HBH Enterprises S1379

HCH (Mer-Chicken-Dizer) N5936

Heuristec N6400

Hisotech Co. N5772

HM Electronics N4744

Hobart Corp. N5111

HREasy N5848

Hussmann Corp. N4711

IBM Corp. N5512

IDEXX Labs N6437

Info Systems of N.C. N4025

Information Resources Inc. N4337

Innovative Space Management N4671

Intactix International N4957

Interact Systems N5536

Interactive Supermarket

Training S2854

InterCall N5668

Interlock Structures N5957

International Banking

Technologies N5343

International Data N5044

Ishida Corp. of America N4566

Keiser PlayConcepts S3222

Knogo North America

& Video Sentry N5041

KPMG Peat Marwick N4656

Krambo Corp. N4269

Lithotype Co. N6535

Load King Manuf. Co. N6317/6318

LSW N4210

Madix Store Fixtures N4722

Marco Design Group

and JGA N4874

Marketing 10 N6356

Marketing Intelligence

Service N4171

Mason Ways Indestructible

Plastics N5735

Mass Connections N6236

Master Builders N6435

MasterCard International N4574

MDS Nordion International N4845

MeatMap N5562

Memphis Area Chamber

of Commerce N6645

Merchant ATM Services N6430

Meritech N5847

Mettler-Toledo N5353

MIBAR Software N5057

Micro Enhancement

International N4071

Midwest Payment

Systems N5559

Multi-Ad Services N4069

My Menus N4948


National Commerce

Bank Services S1312

National Minority Supplier

Development Council S3547

National Safe Kids

Campaign N4235

NCR Corp. N5174

New Brunswick

International N5726

Novus Services N6454

NSF International N6341

Off The Wall Co. N5063

Oracle Corp. N5913

Orkin Exterminating Co. N5971

Outta The Box

Dispensers N6428

P.K. Halstead

Associates N5560

PackageNet S1438

Payback Training

Systems N5771

Philips Communication

& Security Systems N6107

Produce Marketing

Association S2854

Promotions Unlimited

Corp. S2943

Propco Financial

Marketing N5760

PRS Pharmacy

Services N6636

Purity Marketing

Group S2827

Ready Ice Corp. S3322

Refrigerating Engineers

& Technicians Assoc. N6536

Rehrig International N5252

Reid Psychological

Systems N5060


Optimization (ROI) N6243

Ross Computer Systems N5961

Stores Automated

Systems Inc. N5541

Saphikon N4745

Scan Glass Co. N6434

Selectivend N6418


Management Consultant N4969


Electronics Corp. N4344

Service Marketing Group/

Zafarana S2300

Shaw Design Group -- Division

of Shaw & Slavsky N4879

Siemens Communication

Systems N5969

Signs & Shapes

International N6618

Somerville Merchandising

Systems N6443

South Texas Business

Systems N6335


Metrics N5366

Stark Systems N4737

The Stellar Group N5059

Store Equip. & Design N4833

Store Image Programs N6234

Storecast Merchandising Corp. N4108

Strategic Sys. Assoc. N6330

Strategic Weather

Services N6541

Supermarket News N4012

Symbol Technologies N4725

T&W Financial Corp. N6555

Taylor Nelson AGB N5072

TEC America N5766

TeleCheck Services N5343

Tellermate N4138

Telxon/Retail Technology

Group N4653

Texas Basket Co. N4148

Thompson Associates N5071

Tokheim Corp. N6231

Total Control Information

(TCI) N4166

Total Plastics N4062

Trade Dimensions N5366

Trade Fixtures N4130

Triple Crown Products N5662

Tritheim Technologies N6260

Try-Foods International S1076

Tyler Refrigeration Corp. N5517

U.S. Long Distance S3022

Uniform Code Council N6630

Visa USA N5320

Washington Poster

Sign Systems N5663

Western Union

North America N5343

The Wheel -- AGI/

Inventronics N6262

Winross Co. S2100

McCormick North / McCormick South