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Predictions Gallery Opens 2013 on Top

A gallery prompted viewers to click through predictions for the food industry in 2013, opening the new year as the week’s most viewed content. SN’s top 10 stories include the related article summarizing all 10 predictions and prediction No. 9 about Kroger and Safeway’s positions in the industry. Readers were also interested in articles covering the industry’s executives.

Acquisitions were also a hot topic as Cerberus nears a deal with Supervalu, sale of Food Emporium seems on the horizon, Coburn’s acquires Mike’s Super Valu and a firm buys grocery-anchored stores.

1. Gallery: 10 Predictions for 2013 [5]
SN asked 10 experts to make predictions about developments that will have a significant impact on food retailing in 2013. View the gallery to see all 10 predictions, and click the related stories to read more about each prediction.

2. Food Emporium Sale Expected Source [6]
MONTVALE, N.J. — A&P here is expected to announce a deal to sell its 16 Manhattan Food Emporium stores as early as next week, a source told SN Wednesday.

3. Safeways Burd to Retire as Chairman and CEO [7]
PLEASANTON, Calif. — Safeway here said Wednesday that longtime Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Steve Burd [8] plans to retire in May.

4. Cerberus Said Near Supervalu Deal [9]
NEW YORK — Cerberus Capital Management here is close to an agreement on the acquisition of certain parts of Supervalu, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.
5. Whole Foods Top Food Retail Stock in 2012 [10]
AUSTIN, Texas — Whole Foods Market led the field of food-retailing stocks again in 2012, with a gain of nearly 35% for the year, to close at $91.16 on Dec. 31.

6. 10 Predictions for 2013 [11]

7. 2013 Prediction #9: The ‘Big Two’ Will Reap Gains [12]

8. Coborn’s Acquires Mike’s Super Valu [13]

9. Firm Buys Four Grocery-Anchored Centers [14]

10. Turbulent Year for Executives at Troubled Retail Chains [15]