Hannaford Shoppers See Recycling Impact

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Shoppers who recycle bottles and cans via self-serve kiosks at 46 Hannaford Supermarkets [3] in Maine can now track the environmental impact of their efforts via an online tool provided by Clynk, the kiosk supplier.

The new tool [4] shows shoppers how much carbon, energy and emissions they have saved by using the Clynk kiosks for recycling. The site also illustrates the environmental influence of the almost 300 million bottles and cans shoppers have recycled since 2006.

"We understand the power of data and want to share that information with our members," said Clayton Kyle, chief executive officer of Clynk, in a statement. "The positive effects of recycling become tangible when you can see what your actions are doing, individually and collectively."

The site also enables members to see exactly how much cash they have in their account, and allows them to donate the money to any charity associated with Clynk.