H-E-B Announces Fitness Contestants

SAN ANTONIO — The H.E. Butt Grocery Co [2]. has introduced the 25 consumers who are competing in its 16-week health and wellness “Slim Down Showdown” contest.

Photos and bios of and blogs from each contestant are posted on here [3]. One participant is “Benjamin,” who is 5’ 7” and weighs 400 pounds. Benjamin is engaged to be married, and wants to start a new life for his bride-to-be.

H-E-B Helps Employees Shape Up [4]

“I don’t want to be this size wearing my wedding tuxedo,” Benjamin says in his bio. “I’d like to be a wonderful husband to my bride, and not a burden due to my health.”

All participants attended a “Fit Camp” June 15-18, in San Antonio. During Fit Camp, professionals from The Cooper Institute and H-E-B offered education to the contestants on proper nutrition, physical activity and weight management. The person whose health has improved the most after 16 weeks will win $10,000. The contest operates similarly to one that recently concluded for H-E-B employees.