H-E-B Launches Health, Price Campaigns

SAN ANTONIO — H.E. Butt Grocery Co. [2] here on Wednesday launched a new price-comparison campaign and rolled out for consumers a comprehensive health-related initiative that it had previously offered to its employees.

The chain’s “Compare Our Prices to Anyone” campaign promotes newly reduced prices on several H-E-B brand and national-brand products.

The company has also rolled out for consumers the “Healthy at H-E-B” initiative, which it described as a “comprehensive, long-term commitment to improve the health of Texans and provide them with fresh, healthy food that is affordable and easy to prepare.”

“We are facing a health crisis in Texas,” said Craig Boyan, president and chief operating officer of H-E-B., who noted that Texas has been listed as the 13th most obese state in the nation.

“An estimated 64% of the total population and one in five Texas kids are now considered overweight or obese,” he said. “Given our position as the leading food retailer in the state, we have a unique opportunity to help those who want to make a change for themselves and their families.”

In addition to lower prices on produce, H-E-B will offer its new Healthy Savings meal solutions — packages of fresh ingredients with recipes for preparing a healthy meal for four for under $10 after a $4 coupon.

The effort also includes a new area on the website offering advice on nutrition and calorie counting, exercise, weight-loss strategies, and more than 150 “healthy recipes.”

H-E-B will also launch contests such as Slim Down Showdown, in which 25 contestants from around the state will compete for a $10,000 grand prize.