Supervalu Promotes Supply Services

LAS VEGAS — The supply-side wholesale division of Minneapolis-based Supervalu is using the show floor at the annual National Grocers Association convention here to launch a program called, "You need it? We got it!"

The program integrates the 82 services Supervalu already offers to its independent customers into a more comprehensive offering that lets retailers know they don't have to go outside the company to gain assistance in such areas as business support, customer service, retail technology, marketing planning and analysis, store design and development, format positioning, marketing, advertising, merchandising, and sales and promotions.

Christine Walsh, the company's vice president, independent marketing and education, told SN the program offers "a more consistent marketing platform" for the services Supervalu offers. "In the past, relationships for independents were based on people working together as families and the personal relationships we had with our customers," she explained.

"Years ago independents didn't need research to understand their customers or services to improve their businesses. But they can't rely on their own resources anymore, so this program simply recognizes the value of what's already there and the help those programs can provide to independents."