A Tour of Haggen’s ‘Northwest Fresh’ Format [Gallery]

A Tour of Haggen’s ‘Northwest Fresh’ Format [Gallery]

Beginning a year ago, Haggen Inc., a 29-store food retailer serving parts of Washington and Oregon, began converting its Top Food & Drug warehouse-style locations and its conventional Haggen Food & Pharmacy supermarkets to a new format and brand — Haggen: Northwest Fresh.

Thus far, Haggen has converted seven stores — three Top and four Haggen — to the Northwest Fresh format, encompassing 400,000 square feet of grocery space. The chain plans to rebrand the remaining 22 stores, including 12 Top, nine Haggen and one stand-alone pharmacy, within the next 12 to 18 months. Some of the stores will only require a “lighter” version of the full makeover, which will help to speed up the transition.

Haggen promotes the Northwest Fresh brand as standing for community, homemade and delighting shoppers, complemented by “warm Washington colors” and murals that reflect a new “look and feel,” said C.J. (Gabe) Gabriel, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Haggen. Departments feature recognizable local names such as the Chuckanut Delicatessen and the Skajit Valley Creamery.

Beyond aesthetics, Haggen has made significant merchandising changes. In collaboration with suppliers acting as category captains, the retailer has remerchandised 150 out of 267 categories, incorporating 2,000 additional natural, organic and gluten-free products as well as releveled prices on 13,000 items.  As part of the remerchandising, Haggen has created signature departments -- across perishables, wine, pharmacy and a number of Center Store categories. In each of the signature areas, Haggen employs a three-tier strategy consisting of national brands, a national-brand equivalent (private label) and an extreme-value offering.

The following photos depict the Haggen’s new look under the Northwest Fresh banner. See captions at upper left.

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Captions by Michael Garry; photos courtesy of Haggen