Supervalu to Grow 'Essential Everyday'

NEW YORKSupervalu [2] will more than double the size of its Essential Everyday line through 2013, said Michael Moore, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at an event touting the line here Wednesday.

Introduced last year to consolidate Supervalu’s retail stores’ banner brands, and rolled out to independents earlier this year, Essential Everyday comprises 1,200 items across more than 40 categories. By next year's end, it will encompass 2,700 items across more than 100 categories.

Essential Everyday items are developed in four test kitchens to exceed the quality of national brands, said Sam Mayberry, vice president of private brands, Supervalu. These products sometimes even outsell national brands. “Our frozen pizza line is the No. 1 frozen pizza in our stores,” Mayberry said.