Kids Learn to Cook Produce at Stew’s

NORWALK, Conn. — Forget the babysitter; get those kids cooking. This fall parents can drop off their kids at Stew Leonard’s [2] Newington, Conn., store for a new lineup of 90-minute to two-hour cooking classes for only $25.

Several of the classes highlight the fun in cooking with produce, such as the “You’re so ‘Corny’” class showing kids how to make chicken corn chowder, corn quesadillas and corn bread.

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“We have been really excited to see how popular our classes are that showcase fresh fruit and vegetables,” said Stew Leonard’s spokeswoman Meghan Bell.

“For example, we did a ‘Farmer’s Market’ class at the end of the summer, and the kids loved shopping for the fresh herbs and tomatoes that we used to make bruschetta, garden pizza and pasta salad. In November of 2011, we also had a very popular class where we showed kids how to prepare spaghetti, french ‘fries,’ and macaroni & cheese using squash.”

Other classes are inspired by holidays and upcoming events. Kids will cook Italian food for Columbus Day, burgers and patriotic cupcakes for Election Day and several holiday sweets around Halloween.

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