Healthy Snackers Willing to Pay More

CHICAGO — Healthy-snacking consumers will pay more for snacks they perceive as healthier, according to a study from market research company Lab42.

The two main types of snacks they consider healthy are “all natural” snacks (87%) and organic (83%). A smaller, yet still significant, number was willing to pay for prepared snacks, like pre-cut carrot sticks, and pre-portioned snacks, such as 100-calorie packs (61% and 55%, respectively).


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“Healthy snackers’ willingness to pay more for organic and all natural snacks, combined with their perception that these snacks are healthier than other snacks, is a clear opportunity for snack brands to catch consumers’ attention immediately on the front of the package,” said Gauri Sharma, chief executive officer of Lab42.

Among other results, a strong majority (86%) of people who identify themselves as “healthy snackers” said they snack to help lose or maintain their weight.

The study showed that the most decisive factors in choosing a healthy snack (rated “very important”) were: taste (66%), low in sugar (37%), and high in protein (35%). Surprisingly, these qualities were rated above two qualities traditionally associated with healthy snacks: low in calories (33%) and low in fat (30 %).

Healthy snackers said the top ways they learn about new healthy snack ideas are grocery store displays (64%), followed closely by recommendations from family and friends (61%).

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