Ukrop's Installs Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration System in Va. Store

RICHMOND, Va. - Ukrop‘s Super Markets here has installed Hill Phoenix's Second Nature refrigeration technology in a new Ukrop‘s store in Williamsburg, Va., Hill Phoenix, Conyers, Ga., announced yesterday. The technology replaces R404-A, a halogenated fluorocarbon and greenhouse gas producer, with a 35% aqueous propylene glycol fluid, a secondary fluid that does not produce greenhouse emissions, as a primary refrigerant. Ukrop‘s anticipates that the ongoing savings that will result from the elimination of refrigerant circulating between the display cases in the store and the mechanical room, as well as the elimination of leaks, will be significant, Hill Phoenix said. “Ukrop's has been environmentally conscious for a very long time," said Steve Little, Ukrop's manager of refrigeration and facilities, in a statement. "Our partnership with Hill Phoenix further demonstrates this commitment to conservation, and we plan to continue on this path as we explore additional ways to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.”