Raley’s Adds Planogram System

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Raley’s [3] has added a space automation system from Atlanta-based Aldata, expanding its ability to create and maintain category- to store-specific planograms for high-volume categories, and enabling broader vendor collaboration. 

Raley’s, which operates 129 stores in Northern California and Northern Nevada, already uses Aldata’s shelf planning and Web publishing modules to reduce inventory carrying costs and out-of-stocks.

“With multiple supermarket chains operating throughout Northern California and Nevada, Raley’s needed to move beyond manual planogram creation in order to support high-volume categories across multiple stores,” said Rick McGill, space optimization manager for Raley’s, in a statement. With the space automation system “everyone on our schematic team has software to automate planograms and achieve a much more granular approach to category management than ever before.”