Stop & Shop Energy Project Recognized

QUINCY, Mass. — An energy project completed on behalf of Stop & Shop [3] here has been recognized as the “Best Multi-site Retail Energy Program in New England” by the Association of Energy Engineers New England. 

The recipient of the award, Bluestone Energy Services, Norwell, Mass., implemented a range of energy improvements for Stop & Shop, including electronically-commutated motors (ECMs) and energy-efficient LED lighting at multiple stores and distribution centers.  Over a four-year period, the project saved 46 million kilowatt hours while securing $4 million dollars in local utility incentives, said Bluestone, adding that on average, each improvement’s energy savings paid back its investment in less than two years. 

Additionally, in 2011 Bluestone Energy completed two parking lot lighting retrofits for Stop & Shop, one with LED heads and the other with high efficiency electronic metal-halide ballasts and lamps that are configured to dim automatically during off hours.