Cameras Monitor Wal-Mart Energy Projects

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Wal-Mart Stores [3] since 2007 has used construction cameras from Atlanta-based OxBlue to ensure that its renewable-power and energy-efficiency projects stay on track, according to information provided by OxBlue.

The cameras systems are designed specifically for construction sites, providing flexible viewing capabilities. The cameras allow Wal-Mart to monitor projects moment-by-moment, accessing a Web-enabled construction camera interface from desktops and mobile devices. 

“Because I can zoom in and out, I can see details immediately,” said Marty Gilbert, Wal-Mart’s director of renewable-power and energy-efficiency projects, in a statement provided via OxBlue. For example, close-up shots allow for detailed inspection of solar equipment installation, while broader views are used to confirm environmental and safety compliance, and monitor workflow.

Gilbert also encourages Wal-Mart’s external contractors to access the cameras. He added that the system reduces travel and related costs. “Eliminating the need for just three trips can justify the price” of the equipment, he said.

Gilbert’s department manages up to 40 projects in a month, said OxBlue, adding that at any one time, Wal-Mart might have 500 domestic construction projects in the pipeline.