At Foragers City Grocers signs highlight where fruits and vegetables were grown Photos by Jenna Telesca

At Foragers City Grocers, signs highlight where fruits and vegetables were grown. Photos by Jenna Telesca

Foragers Searches for the Best of Everything

“What we seek is quality and freshness, and by default, it may be local.” — Anna Castellani, co-owner of Foragers City Grocer

NEW YORK — Homegrown organic vegetables, hot coffee in ceramic mugs, smoked tofu and slow-cooked lamb belly hash.

Such a combo of offerings — including premium ice cream at $15 a pint — is exactly what’s making Foragers City Grocer a success in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. The store’s owners recall the best of the past with the likes of ceramic mugs, rustic decor, and friendly service, but they’re always on the lookout for what’s new, good and interesting.<

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