Raw kale salads have been growing in popularity with customers

Raw kale salads have been growing in popularity with customers.

Kale Goes Mainstream

“I’ve had so many people say, ‘Oh, I don’t like kale, I don’t like kale.’ And then they try the kale salad and they’re like, ‘Oh, can you make that again? What is that? Can you sell that packaged?’” — Soren Huber, produce buyer

Stew Leonard’s Norwalk, Conn., store president Andrew Colton summed it up best when describing a line of store-made salad mixes: “Kale is hot right now.”

Kale, along with other dark green leafy vegetables like collards and chard, has enjoyed a surge of popularity beyond natural food stores and beyond the traditional cooked dishes typically associated with such produce. These types of leafy greens resonate with custo

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