Taking Sides: Pesticide residues

Taking Sides: Pesticide residues

Should consumers be concerned about pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables? The Environmental Working Group will put out its annual Shopper Guide and “Dirty Dozen” list this spring that lists the produce that the group says has the highest level of pesticide residues. EWG recommends that consumers buy organic varieties of the produce on the list. Opponents claim that this list needlessly scares consumers away from eating more fruits and vegetables.

Marilyn Dolan, executive director, Alliance for Food and Farming

There is substantial misinformation about the pesticide residue issue, which has created increasingly common misconceptions about the safety of produce. The result of this is fear and confusion among consumers about consumption of safe and healthy fruits and vegetables. The facts and science, however, show consumers should be more confident than ever about produce safety and they substantiat

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