Michael J. Cullen: 2009 SN Hall of Fame

Michael J. Cullen: 2009 SN Hall of Fame

His detailed plan for making a profit by selling discount groceries in a self-service environment fell on deaf ears at Kroger Co., but it wasn't long before the whole world wanted to hear what Michael J. Cullen had to say about the supermarket business. His 1930 store in New York City set the stage for what was to become an enduring business model, through good times and bad. Michael J. Cullen was

Michael J. Cullen was a man ahead of his time — a man who saw the future's possibilities and made them reality.

Cullen was the founder of King Kullen Grocery Co., which the Smithsonian Institution has designated as the first modern American supermarket. The store, which opened in August 1930 in the New York City borough of Queens, is recognized for being the first to combine self-service,

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