‘World’s Largest’ ShopRite Supersizes a Mom-and-Pop

‘World’s Largest’ ShopRite Supersizes a Mom-and-Pop

“Being a single-store operator, the support [Wakefern] offered me has been phenomenal.” — Christopher Kinsley Sr., general manager and VP, Brodheadsville ShopRite

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — How big is the new ShopRite here? At a preview event before the store’s Aug. 5 opening, Christopher Kinsley Sr., the store’s general manager and vice president, was still awaiting delivery of benches to provide shoppers places to sit down and rest as they make their way across the 95,000-square-foot store. On the positive side, the opening made room in Kinsley’s garage.

A 1926 Ford Model T was moved from Kinsley’s garage to the new stor

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