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Wegmans' fresh produce department offers some of the new lower prices on private label products.

Wegmans reduces prices on healthy products

Wegmans announced Wednesday it had lowered prices on more than 40 healthy private label products geared to families, citing deflation in other categories as a factor in the decision.

Items with new prices can be found in fresh produce, dairy, grocery and frozen foods. In total, prices have been reduced on 247 SKUs, including small pack and family pack sizes.

“Our approach to pricing is simple. We offer the lowest prices in the market on items families use most, so they don’t have to run around town to find the best value,” President Colleen Wegman said in a press release. “2016 has been a challenging year of deflation for our entire industry, lowering the costs and retails for staples like eggs and ground beef. As a family company, we’re able to invest in lowering prices on even more products, like almond milk and Greek yogurt, to keep current with the changing trends of what today’s families are buying most.”

As previously reported in SN, overall consumer prices have declined for 11 straight months, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Deflation in meat and dairy categories has hit some retailers particularly hard.

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