ldquoThe smallfootprint format is already growing in the West where Sprouts Farmers Market operates but I see it migrating throughout the rest of the USrdquo says Neil Stern of McMillanDoolittle

“The [small-footprint] format is already growing in the West, where Sprouts Farmers Market operates, but I see it migrating throughout the rest of the U.S.,” says Neil Stern of McMillanDoolittle.

2014 Prediction #4: Growth in Small Formats

Neil Stern, senior partner for McMillanDoolittle, Chicago, said he predicts a jump in the growth of small-format stores — what he calls “Small Formats, Take 2.”

He said he expects a proliferation of more stores modeled after Sprouts — farmers’ market-type stores that are perishables-driven and located in both urban and suburban areas.

“These would be small-footprint stores with more simplicity — a more streamlined approach,” Stern explained. “The format is already growing

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