The Fresh Imperative: Focus on Product, Technology

The Fresh Imperative: Focus on Product, Technology

Fresh foods contribute about a third of total store sales, so retailers need to focus on and invest in department designs that attract shoppers, while motivating them to buy. Technological advances, such as new case doors and LED lights are a key, while the retailers should be looking ahead to energy control systems, and incorporating what they learn by redesigning fresh into Center Store. Full article brought to you by Hillphoenix.

Customers want simple designs for fresh food departments that work to emphasize product, not extraneous fluff, said Terry Roberts, president, Merchandising By Design, Carollton, Texas.

Taking this into account is especially critical considering fresh foods’ 29% contribution to total store sales, according to Nielsen Perishables Group FreshFacts 2012, which pegs meat at a 39% contribution and produce at 32%. Best practices to achieve this include practical equipment, such a

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