Refrigeration Systems Chillin’ With Carbon Dioxide

Refrigeration Systems Chillin’ With Carbon Dioxide

Sobeys' transcritical refrigeration system design “is the solution for our climate here. It is meeting our entire vision.” — Simon Bérubé, senior director of engineering and commercial development, Sobeys Quebec “I think in mild climates, transcritical is the future of the industry." — Steve Hagen, procurement and engineering director for Fresh & Easy

Refrigeration can truly be said to be at the heart of a supermarket’s business — not to be trifled with — which makes what Sobeys is doing fairly remarkable.

Canada’s second largest food retailer, Sobeys, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, is in the process of converting all of its refrigeration systems to something that has never been tried before in North America on a large scale — a “transcritical” refrigeration system that uses

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