The system recognizes when a nonproduct is placed on the belt

The system recognizes when a non-product is placed on the belt.

Woods’ System Addresses Shrink at Self-Checkout

“StopLift dramatically decreased shrinkage coming out of the self-checkout lanes." — Doug Haworth, director of loss prevention, Woods Supermarket

BOLIVAR, Mo. — A few weeks ago at a Woods Supermarket, a female shopper, whose activities were caught on a surveillance camera, tried to pull a fast one at a self-checkout lane.

She had two, 10-pound rolls of ground beef, priced at about $40, in her shopping cart along with a two-liter bottle of a soft drink and a package of cookies. After looking around to see if she was being watched, “she scanned the two-liter pop and the cookies, paid for them and put th

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