Fall is the Familiar Routine Time


Fall is the Familiar Routine Time

During the fall month shoppers tend to stock up on easy-to-plan, hearty family meal favorites. Moms are more creative, and networks with neighbors for easy solutions before the holiday "storm".



The more shop-able the category, the stronger the total-store leverage

The canned tomatoes category builds the most opportunities when it is highly shop-able. That’s because 80% of canned tomatoes shoppers approach the shelf knowing precisely what they need. If their recipe is for a sauce or a salsa, that determines the specific product form they will buy.

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Better nutrition for health-minded consumers

Consumers are hot on the tomato trail in their quest for health. Tomatoes are America’s most-eaten non-starchy vegetable (after potatoes), and most of that volume is canned, notes Mark Andon, PhD, vice president-nutrition at ConAgra Foods.

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Hunt’s canned tomatoes: a total-store sales engine

Few categories match canned tomatoes for cuisine versatility. A central ingredient in planned home meals, and a major appeal to big basket buyers ($83.75 on average...

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Three new heart-healthy, no-salt-added varieties

Consumers will get the best of both worlds when they buy their preferred Hunt’s brand of canned tomatoes in new no-salt-added varieties: the great fresh taste they enjoy...

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Insights Snapshot

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient; driving basket ring and meal solution opportunities.

  • Canned tomatoes consumers shop the entire store1
  • Average basket ring:2
    • Pasta Sauce - $91.12
    • Canned Tomatoes - $83.75

1 IRI S3 Panel Data – Total US FDMx – 52 Weeks End 12/27/2009
2 NPD Group 2 Years Ending May 2008; IRI FDMx, Current Weeks Ending 8/02/2009

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