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Customers pour kombucha growlers at Haggen, Whole Foods

Customers pour kombucha growlers at Haggen, Whole Foods

Haggen Food & Pharmacy has installed kombucha growler stations at three stores in Bellingham, Wash. Supplied by Oregon-based humm kombucha, the fermented tea comes in four flavors that customers can purchase in 32-oz. or 64-oz. jugs.

The retailer said in comments to its Facebook post that it is looking into adding kombucha growler stations to other stores.


Similarly, a Whole Foods store in Brooklyn, N.Y., has partnered with two local vendors for seasonal kombucha flavors available on tap. The current flavor, watermelon basil, uses fresh basil grown in the greenhouse on the roof of the Whole Foods store.


This Instagram user also found kombucha growlers at Mariano’s.


My latest obsession...Kombucha in a growler !! 64 oz from the tap. I am not sure what I love more- the drink or my jug. You can pick it up from #Marianos. Thanks to my girl @cassiyoga for the turn on! #Kombucha #mybiggulp #rocksolideveryday #healthybodyhealthymind

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While kombucha is still somewhat of a niche trend, its popularity has been growing. SN sister publication New Hope, which focuses on the natural foods industry, calls functional beverages like kombucha one of the next decade's top food and beverage trends.

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