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Retailers embrace better-for-you beverages

Retailers plan to promote lower-calorie beverages in a variety of ways this year, according to
SN’s 12th annual Survey of Center Store Performance.

They will give better-for-you beverages more prominence on the shelf (40% of respondents); feature lower-calorie beverages in health and wellness displays (35%); and include healthier beverage options as part of meal deals (29%), according to the survey.

“Additional shelf space has been assigned to smaller sizes and lower calorie drinks,” one unidentified retailer respondent said.

Conducted Dec. 4, 2014, to January 8, 2015, the survey was emailed to subscribers of Supermarket News and its email newsletter, and featured online at

SN received 2014 completed surveys, of which 37% were from manufacturers; 28%, food retailers; 11%, sales agencies; and 9%, wholesalers. The remaining 15% were consultants and other respondents.

Retailer respondents overwhelmingly plan to support beverage manufacturer healthy and wellness efforts. Nearly 80% of retailers support the beverage giants’ pledge to lower calorie consumption by 20% over the next 10 years by expanding the presence of low- and zero-calorie drinks and sell drinks in smaller portions, as well as provide calorie counts and promote calorie awareness where their beverages are sold.

“Everywhere you look you see more TV commercials and news stories on this subject and with all the coverage about obesity and diabetes the customers are looking for ways to downsize their calorie intake and smaller sizes will help,” one retailer said.

See more extensive results of the Center Store survey here.

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