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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Let’s face it, a big trade exhibition can be a stressful place, even one aimed at mind, body and spirit.

You’re trying to get to your next appointment but blocked by masses of attendees sampling food in the aisles. You arrive at the booth but realize it’s the wrong one; the one you’re looking for is half a football field away.

This time around there’s a new reason for stress: tonight is Daylight Savings Time. We must set the clock ahead one hour.

Why is this a stress event? Recently the media has been full of stories about research into the health downsides of losing an hour. This includes the increased risk of heart attack, resulting from factors such as loss of sleep and increased stress. The recommendation: try to maintain sleep cycles and decrease stress. Thanks a lot.

There’s no escaping the clock resetting. I received an automated hotel phone message in the voice of Mickey Mouse reminding me about it. That was in addition to a hotel memo that aimed to reduce stress with this assurance: “Not to worry – we will make sure to adjust your wake up calls!”

Sweet dreams.