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Any Way You Want It

Any Way You Want It

It seems Market of Choice, based in Eugene, Oregon, has a good formula for these difficult times.

Just as its name implies, the seven-store independent retailer offers lots of choice.

As explained on its web site, the operator offers “an extensive selection of the finest and freshest conventional, natural, organic, and health conscious products at affordable prices.”

The goal is to target middle-range products that are priced right, as opposed to high-end or low-priced.

“That formula works even more so now,” said Duran Taylor, natural and specialty foods buyer for the retailer, who was making his way across the Expo show floor.

“Frozen foods are doing well because of their good quality. Our delis are still doing well. Unlike in a restaurant, customers shopping our delis don’t have to tip anyone.”

Taylor’s points were echoed by other retailers here. Customers are more price sensitive, and they are frequenting retail establishments while eschewing restaurants.