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A&P Prepares Green Way Debut

A&P Prepares Green Way Debut

A few weeks ago I saw a new organic yogurt on the shelves of the Pathmark I was visiting. I picked up a container and, being a food reporter, read the label. Well, what’s this? A familiar address! Must be a new private label from Montvale, N.J.-based A&P, Pathmark’s parent.

green_way.jpgIt’s called Green Way (Slogan: “There’s their way, and then there’s Green Way”). The yogurt was distributed by OnPoint Inc., and certified organic by Quality Assurance International. The container included per-serving call-outs for milk fat (1%) and calories (130).

While some products, like cloth laundry bags and the yogurt, have been enjoying a soft launch since December 2008, the big push will come around Earth Day, according to a company spokesperson. And, a supplier familiar with the brand told me there will be more than 100 products out by June.

Green Way’s product line extends from paper products, organic sauces and condiments to produce, according to the spokesperson, “with many more categories being added throughout 2009.” My supplier added that A&P is making a concerted effort to coordinate all merchandising for a consistent store-wide image, and plans to use in-store radio, promotions in their Easy Solutions flyer and demos during the launch period.

A&P is probably among the last of the big regionals to offer a natural/organic private label. Pathmark used to offer n/o products sourced from Wild Oats; however, that ended when Wild Oats got snatched up by Whole Foods Market.

Has it been worth the wait? If the quality of the yogurt is any indication, I think so – the packaging is cool, the name is different, and products I am already familiar with (including those of my supplier friend) are of high quality. We’ll be eager to see what the rest of the Green Way label line is like.