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Applause for Apps

Applause for Apps

I recently attended a party where I overheard a group of folks talking excitedly about “apps.” Being in the food business (apps, appys, starters, appetizers — all the same to my ear), my first thought was to look around for a unique dumpling or an exquisite puff pastry — something that would explain their eagerness. They had even mentioned the word “pod.”


Then it hit me. Akk! These are iPhone users! Apps is tech-speak for the applications that can be downloaded onto their phones (from the Apps Store, I think). I grabbed a handful of redskin peanuts and moved on. Apps, apps, apps. Get a life!

kraft_phone.jpgThen I saw today’s news about Kraft launching its iFood Assistant, and I stand corrected. The nation’s second-largest food company is telling me that Apps are a part of life, even if it’s not mine (yet).

For a 99-cent fee, the Kraft Foods program helps iPhone and iPod touch users find recipes, create shopping lists and even locate the nearest supermarket with a GPS feature. The service has an option that groups ingredients by aisle to save time in the store; and a demo feature that provides cooking guidance using video.

We’ve written about this type of mobile assistance before. Dieters can enter nutrition information into their phones to get a read-out on proper portion sizes; lists of sustainable seafood choices or in-season organic produce are also available, at the touch of a button.

Health and wellness seem to be very large components of these programs, so I better broaden my definition of “apps.” They’re not just something you eat. They can also show us how to eat.