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Avoiding the Parent Trap

Avoiding the Parent Trap

I have been getting caught up on wellness trends lately. I know it’s not new news that men are focused on staying productive and energetic, while women want what men want and to look young.

But what I find interesting is the various trend reports and news commentary that claims neither gender wants to become “their parents.” It doesn’t seem like that would even be possible, though. After all, many of my generation’s parents have pension plans and guests over for dinner versus planning their second careers and eating out 4.2 times a week.

Our parents live at a more leisurely pace. They can actually get on an elevator and not check their smartphones to fill those tiny moments of boredom many in my generation feel inclined to fill.

Where we now learn about “wellness” has certainly changed from our parents’ days too, where going to the doctor was pretty much the only available option. I know my mother would never consider getting a flu shot at the grocery store.  But I do, it’s part of my stock-up trip for “cough and cold” season, and I love the 10% off bonus I get on my purchases that day.

Unlike my parents, my husband and I shop together on every trip — even though it’s via text while using our mobiles and PCs to check for coupons, product recalls, and, of course, WebMD for guidance throughout our excursion. Wellness services and advice can be received anywhere, too, at minute clinics, virtual pharmacists, in-store virtual assistants, etc., where my mother still struggles with the self-checkout at CVS.

If all of this has not assured us we all won’t become our parents, then how about this… Nissan has added a new vitamin C-infused air filter that offers spa-like results for your skin while driving. Wow! Next time I’m in the market for a new car, I have no doubt I’ll be checking this out. This takes the “functional” model (e.g., products with added health benefits) to a whole new level.


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