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Cake Decorating Challenge: Day One

Cake Decorating Challenge: Day One

Really good cake decorators, like those participating in the Cake Decorating Challenge, make it look easy. So easy that you think you can do it. I have been visiting decorators in their bakeries for more than six years now, and as I watch them decorate and take the step-by-step photos, I always leave thinking, "Surely I can do that." However, I got my chance last year at an event that allowed food editors to try their hand at piping and fondant decorations. Needless to say, I will continue to purchase any birthday or special occasion cakes I need.

Though the decorators make the process of decorating look easy, competing in the Cake Decorating Challenge is anything but. The three decorators face three grueling days of decorating, and they have to do it front of observers. Some may be used it, since many supermarket bakeries have their decorators out in view of customers, but knowing you have a time constraint and you will be judged makes it all the more nerve wracking.

For Day One of the competition, the three decorators had to decorate enough cakes to fill an 7-ft. showcase. And, they had to merchandise their cakes as well. Here is Anne Freeman's (Hy-Vee, Ames, Iowa) showcase full of cakes. The other competitors are Charra Jarosz, Quality Food Centers, Seattle and Kim Oborne, Publix Super Markets, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Check back later for Day Two of the Cake Decorating Challenge.

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