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Cake Decorating Challenge: Day Two

Cake Decorating Challenge: Day Two

It was wedding cake day. One day and one cake. With the one cake to focus on, the decorators really got down to business showing off their skills. All three cakes were different, but had similarities. They showed what has been hot in wedding cake trends, especially fondant and stacked designs. While wedding cakes make up a relatively small percentage of an in-store bakery's sales, only a little more than 1 percent according to Modern Baking's 2009 In-store Bakery survey, they give the bakery merchandising panache. What better way to show off the talents of a decorator than with an intricately decorated wedding cake. And, the three competitors, Anne Freeman, Charra Jarosz and Kim Oborne showed off their talents. All three cakes are vastly different, but each is beautiful.

img_4968.JPGCharra's cake was unique in that she chose to use color, a trend that is quite popular; and she used buttercream instead of fondant to decorate the cake. While fondant is getting all the buzz, as I travel around talking to decorators, whether they use fondant or not depends completely on the customer or the region of the country. Some brides simply love the way it looks while other brides are turned off by its flavor. Charra's cake has a smooth appearance, which may appeal to those brides who want a fondant-looking cake but the flavor of buttercream.

Check back later for details about Day Three and to find out which of the three wins the Cake Decorating Challenge.

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