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Day 2: Wedding Cakes

Day 2: Wedding Cakes

It’s all about wedding cakes–Texas-style. Sara, Tina and Rebecca had to decorate a three-tier wedding cake today and their designs are vastly different, but each offers good ideas for other decorators. And each features trends that are proving popular across the country.

Rebecca’s cake features white fondant with silver hearts embossed on all three tiers. She also separated her top tier with silver pillars. From my talks with decorators around the country, pillars seem to be making a comeback. Brides are looking to create larger cakes without adding more tiers. Metallic colors, which she also featured prominently, also are proving very popular.
Sara’s stacked cake featured black decorations on white fondant with red flowers to add pops of color. Brides wanting a dramatic cake are leaning towards the black and white decorations. She also alternated between sections featuring edible glitter and matte sections. She added more bling by stringing diamonds around the top of the cake board.
Tina’s cake truly portrayed the heart of Texas with a moulded armadillo bride and groom cake topper. She also separated her layers but covered the columns with braided fondant rope. This cake is perfect any wranglers out there.

For tomorrow, Sara, Tina and Rebecca will have to decorate one cake from each of three categories: special occasion, theme/event and decorator’s choice.

Come back tomorrow after 1 p.m. to find out which of the three wins the trophy.