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Eating On The Floor

Eating On The Floor

By the time I left the show floor today, I had a belly full of samples. This is my first Fresh Summit so I was happy to try a little of everything.

I wasn't alone with this try all mentality. The most popular booths were definitely the ones with food demos. In the Fresh Market section of SN we write a lot about the power of demos, and walking around I saw the demos work their magic.

Avocados From Mexico had a line around the expo block with their tacos (see right; click on photos for a closer look.). People heaped chopped avocados on top of the tasty looking tacos. I didn't get to try these because the line was so long.

The Department of New Mexico also fired up the grill (see left), offering slices of quesadillas made with New Mexico chili peppers. The cheese and the tortilla softened the blow of the spicy pepper.

HBF International took another approach and offered kiwi berry samples along with muffins and a kiwi berry drink (see right). The drink, served in mini martini glasses, was made with vodka infused with the berries.