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Celebrities of all stripes attend Expo West for a number of reasons. Some, like Alicia Silverstone and Ed Begley, come to talk about causes they're passionate about (veganism and the environment, respectively); others, like Dr. Andrew Weil, stroll the aisles in order to find out what's new and exciting in the realm of integrative medicine, food and diet.

And then there are those who have developed their own products or have been recruited to represent them. Brad Wilkes, the drummer for the iconic 90s rock band Rage Against the Machine, has his own line of diabetic-friendly beverages called Olade. Fabio, himself something of an icon, was here to plug "All Fabio... All Natural... All Healthy Planet Nutrition", a proprietary protein nutrition system created by BrandStorm HBC. The line of products includes The Purest Whey Protein in vanilla and chocolate, The Purest Glutamine, and The Purest Colustrum.

The stoic, good-natured ladies man posed for photos and signed autographs and, having likely consumed some of his own product, was gamely able to hoist a number of the fairer sex into poses that reminded us of all the romance book covers he's graced.