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Fame, Organic Style

Fame, Organic Style

spotlight.jpgThe latest “Idol” competition wrapping up this week doesn’t include belting octaves, buckets of tears or a snooty British judge — though you may see a couple of chickens and a baby or two.

Sunday marks the deadline for submissions to “Organic Idol”, a contest put on by the Organic Institute and the Organic Trade Association to determine who will become the industry’s newest consumer spokesperson. The competition started last month, with instructions to submit a 30-second video to a designated channel detailing “when you realized organic products are worth it” (per the contest website). The 12 videos with the most views will go head to next month’s All Things Organic show in Chicago, where OTA representatives will select a winner.

Have a look and see what you think. To keep from tipping the votes in favor of one contestant or another, I’ll avoid specifics. Suffice to say some are well thought out, some are just plain awkward… and some needed to do a sound check before they started filming.

The one thing all the contestants shared, however, was commitment to the cause. I mean, to sit down and script out a 30-second pitch, then scout a location, enlist friends to record your spiel and then arrange for it to be posted takes some forethought. It’s one of the qualities that has always differentiated the organic community, and this commitment shines through in all the submissions.

(photo courtesy of JeremyHall)