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Feel Good Products

Feel Good Products


Although it’s a produce show and shouldn’t have been unexpected, the fresh flowers and skewered strawberries with yogurt dip in the press room made me happy.

Feeling this way reminded me that a big draw of produce and floral products is that they make people feel good to have around. Produce has an amazing aesthetic appeal.

Industry folks are always telling me about the power of the impulse buy on bouquets and berries. What about cross merchandising these products more to give customers a chance to see how nice they are? What about sampling more, even flowers? Occasionally giving out single flowers to customers can brighten a customer’s day and opinion of the store.

I’ve seen this tactic work for a lavender grower in a farmers market who gives out sprigs of dried lavender. Although shoppers don’t necessarily return to buy a bunch of lavender — some do (including this consumer) — and the rest continue to associate the seller with the sweet smell.