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Fighting Health Misinformation

Fighting Health Misinformation

This isn’t a unionizing call but it is time to be part of the union of credible sources!

The latest media glitz has put a dark cloud over any food that isn’t growing in your yard.  Yes, there are some issues the food industry needs to address but we can make the claim that our supermarkets are full of safe, affordable and nutrient rich options! The real uniting has to come from our speaking out and counteracting all the misinformation that makes headlines but often has little or no lasting value, and no validated substance.

So where do we start?

•         Check out the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website and EAL. 

•         Call out the options in your supermarket:

o         Locally grown to support the community and its resources.

o         Organic as well as conventional for choices.

o         Educational classes and tours led by credentialed professionals, and focused in a way that cuts through the noise out there on food and nutrition.

o         Sustainable steps like recycling, LEED certification and related green options.

•         Offer to teach customers how to select, store, clean, cook the great options, and combine convenience with health (yes, it is possible!). 

•         Work with your PR or media contacts and social media staff to make it easier and quicker to respond with credible answers customers need.

•         Join in community efforts to support activity and exercise, which is another issue that affects how and what we eat.

•         Regularly revisit websites that are current and valid. Along with My Plate and other government sites, there is a number of industry and food-related sites for produce, dairy, whole grain foods, beef, pork, soy and eggs. The list is long along. And don’t forget IFIC, FMI and Oldways.

It’s another call to ….get moving and claim our place in the wellness debate!

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