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Fine Wine

I’ve written many articles on retailers launching private-label wine over the last year, so when I saw several wineries and wine distributors listed in the program guide, I knew I would have to stop by to chat.

Turns out, retailers are doing even more than I thought. Oak Ridge Winery, a first-time PLMA exhibitor, has a partnership with H-E-B for a controlled label called “Into Zin,” described on the label as a “spicy,” “yummy” zinfandel. A controlled label basically means that H-E-B has market exclusivity, but noncompeting retailers can market it as well.

There was lots of news over at the Adler Fels Winery booth, where Dana Fehler, the company’s marketing and public relations manager, showed me Meijer’s cleverly branded “His Fault” and “Her Fault” wines. Both are geared to a younger demographic, of course.

More and more retailers are dabbling with private-label wine to reap the higher margins that accompany the sale. Plus, it gives shoppers yet another reason to go to their stores, and only their stores.