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Foodie Oscars

Foodie Oscars


Since we're in Southern California, and the Oscars are a very recent memory, these similarly-shaped statuettes caught our eye. For one thing, there are so many of these little guys propped up around the show floor. Dozens and dozens of exhibitors proudly show them off. We found this impressive line-up at the Crepini booth, where they were sampling their line of pre-made sweet and savory crepe fillings.

For the uninitiated, these statuettes are best product awards given out by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, a.k.a. the Fancy Food Show people. What it tells us is that there continues to exist a strong crossover between natural/organic and specialty food products. And like movies, we all know that broad appeal is the best way to attract attention and get a shot at an award.