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The Fountainebleau

The Fountainebleau

Stairway to Nowhere

Checking in on Facebook at the Fountainebleau hotel this afternoon proved easier than actually checking into the hotel.

As of 2pm, the famed resort's 1,500 rooms were either occupied by a mix of early-arriving summit attendees and privledged spring breakers, or left "dirty" by the partying-into-the-night Ultra Music Festival attendees who opted for a late checkout, said the attendant at the front desk.

This meant waiting until 4pm to get into my room, so I decided to explore the hotel's grand lobby, modernized as part of a $1 billion renovation three years ago.

Recreated with new materials was its shiny black-and-white bow-tie patterned floor and the "Staircase to Nowhere" pictured here. It got its name years ago when a coat check was all that was located at the top. Guests would take the elevator up before dropping off their outerwear so they could make their grand entrance down the stairs.